Web Site Traffic Secrets Exposed

Here are the secrets to increase your web site traffic. Here is how to create thousands of visitors daily to your website; and these three methods guarantee targeted visitors to your web site, not just hits from some email list or advertising gimmick you probably paid too much for.

There are several ways to generate both free and paid web site traffic, but there really are only a handful of effective ways to generate traffic without spending a lot of money and without wasting a lot of time. What I mean is: There are only a few ways that are really powerful and worthwhile.

I won’t waste your time telling you about all those “other ways.” I am interested in showing you the most powerful, proven, and fastest ways to create an avalanche of targeted traffic to your website, without it costing you a small fortune!

There are a couple of free methods that I could recommend, but these only really work as a result of your primary traffic generation methods. What I’m getting at is using a free viral traffic generation matrix. This type of free traffic generator only works well if you already have a ton of traffic to your site which you have generated by other means. You could also use a free traffic exchange program and surf for credits, but not until you get lots of people signed up under you will you see any real increase to your web site traffic.

Joint ventures are no doubt the fastest and most powerful way to drive thousands of visitors to your site, to build a large list, and to make lots of money in an amazingly short amount of time. But to take advantage of a joint venture (JV) you need your own large list already or your very own product which you own outright. If you're like most people, however, you are an affiliate marketer using other people's products to build your own online business from scratch, so a JV is simply not an option.

Let me cut to the chase. The three most powerful methods to generate tons of traffic to your site without costing you a fortune are:

1. Ezine Advertising
2. Article Writing, and
3. The Search Engines

Ezine advertising will get you super fast results so that you can begin building your list and generating a small income from your "One Time Offer" immediately. It’s affordable and it’s fast. You can generate literally thousands of visitors with one Top Sponsor Ad. Ezine ads are cheap enough to run once a week, and you can track and test different headlines and copy until you find an ad that works well for you. Prices run from $20 to $80 per insertion depending on the number of subscribers.

Article writing is extremely important to your business. It qualifies you as an expert in your field, it generates traffic every time your article is posted on somebody else's website, and it builds trust with your customer which makes it easier to convert your traffic into sales. Article writing also dovetails with your search engine traffic generation method to get you on page one of the search results, so article writing really is essential to achieve lots of free organic search engine traffic.

Search engine traffic is the secret to your super success. If you can get placed on page one of a Google search result for some highly targeted keywords, you will drive so much traffic to your website that your success will be off the chart! I am talking about thousands of visitors per day! This really is achievable in the long run, and therefore something you must shoot for.

Getting search engine traffic depends on three main variables: 1) SEO on-page optimization which is not difficult to do. 2) Writing articles which create links back to your site. 3) Content, content, and more quality content on your website that contains the same keywords that your articles are optimized for. Additionally, you can purchase some text links on some high page rank web sites that will give your site a big boost in the organic search results.

Don’t waste your time with banner ads or free classified ads. It really is just a waste of your valuable time. Sure you may see a trickle of visitors to your website from these promotions, but what you want is a river of people rushing to your website! Put your time and effort into what works in a BIG way. Remember, your objective is to drive thousands of visitors to your website.

There are so many offers and promises of free traffic on the net today. Ignore them. Don’t waste your time and money! And remember, even the free methods require that you promote them. Most of what’s out there is hype and doesn’t work well. What works amazingly well are the three methods I mentioned in this article.


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7. Yahoo

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